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Merry Berries Cardigans are now in stock!
Posted on 12th March 2014

100% soft cotton hand loomed cardigans to match our best selling hat designs; Strawberry and Rasberry with strawberry buttons, smart Soldier Blue and nautical favourite, Navy/white Boat with anchor buttons.

Difficult to choose our favourite - they all look lovely. Many of them sent to customers already this week - can't wait for the reaction! 

No more lost gloves!
Posted on 25th October 2013

How do parents keep a tab on their childrens gloves now that health and safety have banned the good old string through the sleeves? Our Mitt Clips are the answer, in lots of colours and with new headers than explain what the product is and how to use it


Kind regards,

Merry Berries Cardigans!?
Posted on 21st June 2013

Strawberry, Soldier and Cupcake cardigans - to co ordinate with our best selling designs. Available for forward order October or Spring 2014. Please check our website for images and details.

Bubble was bubbling!
Posted on 29th January 2013

So lovely to see lots of our lovely customers at the show as well as new shops who loved the new Lollipop styles for spring summer: strawberries, ladybirds and dots abound and some very pretty new ruffle chiffon styles on a hairband, bandeau and clip which were very popular and of course Lollipop's faulous UV400 sunglasses. 

Classic sunhats from Flap Happy for when the sun shines and the Easter holidays begin. Limited stock of some prints so maybe worth making a selection sooner rather than later. 

Merry Berries hats were in demand as ever and we promise to send the orders out to you as soon as we possibly can. Glad you liked the new designs - the Daisy and Elephants being really popular.

Best wishes,



Fleecy Owl Hats and Mittens are a big hit!
Posted on 5th November 2012

Now that there is a chill in the air, our cosy Lollipop hats are in demand.