Sunhat styles

Flap Happy sunhats are classified UPF 50 + Protective* These hats also offer great protection by the nature of their shapes (our Flap Hat giving the best coverage of the neck and face) and are comfortable to wear as most are 100% cotton and all are cotton lined. * except Broderie Anglais fabric

We have some original 100% cotton Flap Happy hats with a special price of £8.00 (not labelled or tested for UPF protection), see under non UPF hats.

  • The original Flap hat offers the best protection of all - it shades the neck and most of the face with it's peak and generous side flaps. Size Guide: S 0-6mths, M 6-12mths, L 12-24mths, XL 2-4yrs, XL 5-12yrs   
  • Wide brimmed Floppy hat with ties. Excellent coverage of bthe face and neck.  100% cotton with UPF50+ protection (except broderie anglais fabric) Size guide: S 0-6mths, M 6-12mths, L 12-30mths, XL 3-8yrs 
  • Very popular style with narrow velcro strap under the chin.  UPF50+ protection.  Size Guide: S 0-6mths, M 6-12mths, L12-24mths, XL 3-8yrs    
  • Some Mums prefer hats with ties, so mainly plain hats here. Most of our legionnaires Flap Hats are sold without and stay on well due to the elasticated back.  Size Guide: S 0-6mths, M 6-12mths, L 12-24mths, XL 2-4yrs, XXL 5-12 yrs
  • Simple pull on cricket style hat. UPF50 +. protection.    
  • 100% cotton lined Flap Happy sunhats. Please note these are NOT labelled as UPF50+ protective.