Merry Berries

This much loved and desirable collection of 100% cotton knitted hats for babies and toddlers began with the ever popular strawberry hat over 25 years ago! 99% of hats are knitted  in the UK.

We still have some Merry Berries Raspberry cardigans are made in China.  Unfortunately we are now sold out of the Strawberry, Boat and Soldier cardigans.

  • Merry Berries hats are knitted in the UK in soft 100% cotton with flat seams.  Perfect for a newborn baby at any time of year, our hats are available in four sizes to grow with baby until they are around 2 years old. Which is your favourite?
  • Merry Berries 100% cotton cardigans are hand loomed, hand crocheted and finished in the Far East.  All have co ordinating styles of buttons and a spare one sewn in the side. Just a few remain and where available are in sizes 0-3mth,... more info