Size Guide


Label shows cm sizes.
Approximate age guide:

48cm 18mths
50cm 2yrs
52cm 4yrs
54cm 6yrs
56cm 8yrs

Approximate age guide:

Size 1 0-3mths
Size 2 3-6mths
Size 3 6-12mths
Size 4 12-24mths

Elasticated belts are fully adjustable to fit up to maximum 30 inch / 76cm waist.

Elasticated braces adjustable to fit 3-4yr old child.

50cm Newborn
50-56cm 0-1 mth
56cm 1 mth
62cm 3mth
62-68 3-6mth
68cm 6mth
68-74cm 6-9mths
74cm 9mths
80cm 12mths
86cm 18mths
92cm 2yrs
98cm 4yrs



Garment label shows S, M sizes etc 

Approximate age guide:

FLL Floppy Hats

S 0-6mth
M 6-12mth
L 12-3yrs
XL 4-8yrs

LFH Flap Hat and LFT Flap Hat and ties 

S 0-6mth
M 6-12mth
L 12-24mth
XL 2-4yrs
XXL 5-12yrs

CHS Crusher Hat

S 0-6mth
M 6-12mth
L 12-24mth
XL 2-6yrs


Approximate age and weight guide:

  Fits up to weight kg weight lbs 
XS 6mths 4.5 – 6.5 10-15
S 12mth 6.5-9 15-20
M 18mth 9-11 20-25
L 24mth 11-13.5 25-30
XL 30mth 13.5-16 30-35